Left click to start

Arrow keys - To move

Z - Defend

X - Magic

Thank you for playing and checking it out! This is all I could manage to create with my work schedule. It's still in development but I wanted to at least submit something.

Music: Jazzy Clavinet by Mike Vekris

provided by freesoundtrackmusic.com


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Graphics are really lovely! Level design is cute for now, but kind of confusing because of the layout and how the platforms are really blended against the background. I'd love to see more!

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Thank you!!! :)

With this temporary current design layout, this was to be expected. Unintentionally curveballing the players with my beginner designing skills!

Nice little game :o

I had differentiating what was actually a platform and what wasn't. But other than that i think it's pretty neat! :D

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I'm sorry about that.. Thank you for your comment!

Your spritework is adorable!

aaaaa *quiet scream because everyone is sleeping right now*

*whispers* thank you.

Great pixel art and a great atmosphere. Your level design gives a pretty interesting challenge. I'd like to see this expanded on.

Thank you!!

the graphics are super cute!! i would really love to see this finished!!!

aaa Thank you!! I would love to submit it completed!

A relaxing atmosphere!

I know it's unfinished, but here are my recommendations: The player should be sure about what they are able to stand on, so the moving platforms should pop against the background. (Also, which bookcases or tiles they can land on should be distinctly marked from ones they can't.)

I appreciate your comment! I'm very aware and I absolutely agree with your recommendation! :)

I was hoping to change that before I submitted it but sometimes things don't go according to plan.